9 of Pentacles (reversed) – Daily Card for 7/23/20

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When this card appears reversed it challenges you to examine your relationship with money and success. Do you feel like you’re not successful if you have to ask for help? Do you put your career before your loved ones or your own self care? Do you feel like if you give all of yourself to your job it might one day allow you to retire so you can then have a life?

Don’t get me wrong, we need our jobs to live but most employers will spread you as thin as possible because it’s great for the bottom line and no matter how good you are, you are entirely replaceable. It’s far from easy to find a work-life balance but it’s imperative you do so now. Create some boundaries and learn to say no so you can have some energy for your actual life. Tomorrow is not promised to any of us.

If you’re feeling like a failure because you have to ask for help then I have some exciting news for you. Everybody needs help, including and especially the most successful people you can think of, they just call it networking. It’s only been in recent decades that we’ve established this strange rule of complete self sufficiency. From the very beginning of written history families lived together and supported each other, people gathered into tribes and communities because their survival depended on their combined efforts. Our combined efforts are still needed here even if we are made to feel otherwise.


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