A Message from the Universe ~ A Labor of Love

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A Message from the Universe ~ A Labor of Love, Multiple Black Tarot Cards

Today’s Message from the Universe confirms the prosperity and joy that comes from doing what you love or loving what you do.

It’s well known that whatever you do is better if you are able to approach it with a positive mindset; even better than that if approached with joy. Some of you just need to brighten things up a bit in your work environment but I’m feeling strongly that most of you are already feeling better about what you do than you did previously. For others, this is confirmation that what you really want to do is something that can actually be pursued at this time.

I can’t advise you to quit your day job because we still exist on a plane that requires the currency that it provides. I can, however, tell you with the highest confidence that you can begin building the foundations for that passion if you commit to yourself and make this thing a priority. Ready…set…go!

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