A Message from the Universe ~ Are You Afraid of the Dark?

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Today’s Message from the Universe reminds you that your darkness is not necessarily something to be feared.

A Message from the Universe ~ Are You Afraid of the Dark? Multiple Elemental Oracle Cards

When we hear about things like our “dark side” or “shadow selves”, it’s common to think of them as something bad. We might think that what lies in our own darkness is that which makes us somehow unlovable, but you couldn’t get further from the truth. Those parts of us we keep in the shadows are simply the perfectly normal parts of ourselves that were, at some point, ridiculed, traumatized, or punished. These parts of ourselves are also frequently condemned to the shadows simply because they don’t quite fit into the impossible standards our parents and/or society have set for us.

What really lies in that darkness is the child you once were that still needs nurturing because they saw or felt something in themselves that didn’t fit. It is in darkness that we are created and incubated. It’s where art and music are conceived, and the only way we’re able to see the stars. You don’t have to open your darkness for others but today’s message suggests you shine a little light in there and give your inner child a hug.

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