A Message from the Universe ~ Clean Up that Friends List!

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A Message from the Universe ~ Clean Up that Friends List! Multiple Faeries Oracle Cards

Today’s Message from the Universe reminds you that your friends will grow with you or fall away as you level up.

Chances are good that you have outgrown or are outgrowing some of the people in your life. You probably understand that at least some distance is needed from those who make you feel awful more than they make you feel loved and appreciated. What we tend to overlook are those people around us who are fond of gossip and added drama. These people are just as poisonous as those who are directly cruel to you.

You are on a path of peace and have no room for those who don’t appreciate that peace. As you move past those people, you are making and holding space for your existing and/or future tribe who vibe with you on the most important levels. You may also be trying to put some distance between yourself and one of those friends or acquaintances, but they are making you feel guilty or like you’re a bad person. Don’t fall for it! Even if you just need time to yourself and your friend doesn’t understand, you shouldn’t be feeling like you’re wrong for taking care of yourself.

You may also have a friend who is going through a hard time with someone who is gossiping about them, just mean to their face, or mean behind their back. Don’t wait for them to contact you, reach out to them instead. Build them up with heartfelt words, go for a walk and take in the beauty and peace of Mother Earth, or check into some fun activities that are most likely well overdue for the both of you. Overall, this message encourages you to combat gossip and general negativity with love and peace. Don’t allow others to bring you down to their level.

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