A Message from the Universe ~ Cleansing Tears

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Today’s Message from the Universe reminds you that sometimes a good cry is needed to help make room for the good stuff.

Sometimes you just need to release the old energy to give your heart a clean slate for the new and wonderful things that are ahead for you. We’re not going to keep stuffing those uncomfortable feelings down. Allow yourself the release of your tears so they don’t fester within.
Some of you are trying to be strong for your children but it’s a good thing for them to see you react and release in a healthy way. There are great things coming your way but they won’t feel so great if you continue to hold on to that which no longer serves you.

Allow yourself to grieve for what is passing. Even if you’re happy it’s passing, there will still be plenty of feelings that might not seem to fit. You can feel hopeful and sad at the same time, so give yourself the opportunity to feel all the things so they can process properly.

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