A Message from the Universe ~ Control and Toxic Expectations

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A Message from the Universe ~ Control Issues and Toxic Expectations, Multiple Gateway Oracle Cards

Today’s Message from the Universe confirms the need to allow things to unfold in their own time.

It’s a reminder that there are some things that are out of your control and that which is under your ability to control will be best taken care of if you are taking care of yourself. Take time today to do something fun or indulge in being “lazy.” Take that much-needed nap, dive into the book you’ve been meaning to crack open, break out those paints, and/or crank some music that carries you away.

I know how difficult it can be to have no control over the important things and I know the helpless and guilty feeling that comes with doing something nice for yourself when said important things are tugging at your brain. It takes a lot of practice to get yourself out of that hustle mindset that has been hammered into you so it’s ok to start indulging in small ways.

The thing that will help the most is understanding that hustle culture and superwoman expectations are toxic AF. It’s almost as if the entire planet was set up for men to work and women to mind the house and kids then made it near impossible to support even yourself on one income. Don’t be too proud to ask for help. We weren’t meant to do any of it all by ourselves, we need our villages and we need our downtime.

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