A Message from the Universe ~ Don’t Overwork It!

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A Message from the Universe ~ Don't Overwork It! Multiple Gateway Oracle Cards

Today’s Message from the Universe reminds you to work smart, not hard.

Sometimes when things take longer than we want them to, we might have a tendency to overwork them. This is your reminder that going with the flow will be most helpful here. There are some things that are beyond your control, including the timing of what you’re trying to achieve. Stop trying to force your way through the current, learn to flow with it, and carry you to a part of your path that you might never have been able to imagine.

Whether your higher power is a god, the universe, or your higher self, the term “give it to God” applies here. It’s out of your hands now so let’s see where it takes you!

Today’s Crystals:

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Song of the Day may be offensive to some, so listen with discretion.

I am not a doctor. Advice from the “Message from the Universe” and other posts is meant to help with spiritual and self-development in conjunction with medical treatment, not to replace it. If you are depressed or in a bad situation, please seek help from the medical and/or charitable places that are local to you.

I am also not the artist or author who created the decks used for the “Message from the Universe” posts. However, the pictures of the cards, the interpretation, and written words in blog posts are created by me. You can find links to the decks by visiting my Resources page.


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