A Message From the Universe ~ Faith and Determination

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A Message From the Universe ~ Faith and Determination, Queen of the Moon Oracle Card
A Message From the Universe ~ Faith and Determination, Queen of the Moon Oracle Card

Today’s Message from the Universe asks you to have a little faith.

Faith is hard to muster for many of us, especially if you don’t subscribe to a particular religion. Even the most devoted have their dark nights and questioning moments. You might have faith in your higher power but none in yourself or those around you. You might not even understand how one can have faith in anything that isn’t immediately recognizable.

Any which way you cut it, your faith is a huge component of manifesting your best life. How can you create something so great if you don’t even believe it’s possible or that you’re not capable? There are people who have had even less reason to believe but found a way to do what you think you can’t. Take a look at those big obstacles that make you feel trapped or hopeless. Are they even real or as big as you think? Maybe they are and you just need to consider ways to work with or around those hurdles.

“Where there is a will, there’s a way.”

Sure, it’s cliché but that’s only because it’s true. Your commitment and determination make all the difference so don’t give up! Be flexible with how you do things and steadfast in your reasons for doing them. You got this and I have faith in you!





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