A Message from the Universe ~ Feeling Lucky?

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A Message from the Universe ~ Feeling Lucky? Nutmeg, Witches Kitchen Oracle Card

Today’s Message from the Universe advises you to examine your relationship with luck.

We have more control over our luck than you might think. Of course, there is much that is not within our ability to control but when you’re having a rough day and your day has barely started, it’s helpful to take a few minutes to meditate or give yourself a bit of an attitude adjustment. Days like these only get worse if you allow them to hijack your thoughts and emotions.

If you’re having a good day then this is the perfect time to get a lottery ticket or attempt to work with something that you previously gave up on. Your ancestors and/or recently passed loved ones are particularly close today.

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Song of the Day may be offensive to some, so listen with discretion.

I am not a doctor. Advice from the “Message from the Universe” and other posts is meant to help with spiritual and self-development in conjunction with medical treatment, not to replace it. If you are depressed or in a bad situation, please seek help from the medical and/or charitable places that are local to you.

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