A Message From the Universe ~ Flowing, Floating, & Signs

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A Message From the Universe ~ Flowing, Floating, & Signs, Multiple Light Seer's Tarot Cards
A Message From the Universe ~ Flowing, Floating, & Signs, Multiple Light Seer’s Tarot Cards

Today’s Message from the Universe is again confirming your first steps into this new chapter

The seeds you’ve planted have taken root and you are most likely beginning to see the little green sprouts breaking out of the earth. Not only is this a new chapter for you, but it’s also a big one that involves karmic returns. If you’ve wondered why the good you put out there doesn’t come back to you then this is your time. Make sure that you induce a feeling of real gratitude for what you already have to lend you a better perspective on what’s on its way, especially since it may not be in the form you expect. No more pushing or trying to force things, allow your intuition and heart chakra to lead you right now, flowing and floating with the current instead of fighting against it.

There is a big element here of allowing even the smallest of signs and synchronicities to guide you. You might be worried that you’re misinterpreting these signs, or seeing something where there is nothing but circumstance or coincidence. Don’t overthink it, just follow and be open to whatever comes your way. If you’re having trouble with this particular aspect, I recommend a book called “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho and I’ll leave a YouTube link to the audiobook below.

For those of you waiting on a court case or something similar, this message indicates that justice will be served, and debts will be paid. You know what side of that justice you’re on but either way, you will have a clean slate once this wraps up.






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