A Message From the Universe ~ Follow the Signs

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A Message From the Universe ~ Follow the Signs, Multiple Wisdom of the Oracle Cards
A Message From the Universe ~ Follow the Signs, Multiple Wisdom of the Oracle Cards

Today’’s Message from the Universe invites you to slack a little on some of your routine chores and rhythms.

You might be having a hard time focusing on some of your mundane tasks today and the Universe is telling you to go with it! Wonderful things can happen when you take a different road to work, try a new coffee shop, or add a new routine to your day. Some of you have some ideas swirling around your brain that need to be written down and some will find a new friend, lover, or client when trying out a new place or activity. Allow the Universe to guide you. When you see repeating numbers, animals, etc, pay attention to what you’re thinking or doing and but overthink it, just move in that general direction 🙂





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