A Message from the Universe ~ From Surviving to Thriving

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A Message from the Universe ~ From Surviving to Thriving, Multiple Gilded Reverie Cards

Today’s Message from the Universe indicates that your time in survival mode is in the past or now passing.

Of course, there will always be things that stress us out but you’re learning to face these things with a grace that was previously unknown to you. You’re starting to truly understand that there are solutions to every problem, there is always a way. Sometimes there is a difficulty that comes with those solutions but they’re much easier to face when you know that “this too shall pass.” I think any of you can look at these cards and see just how much hope and light is contained and swirling around this message.

I am also feeling that many of you might have problems seeing this light because you’ve built much-needed thoughts, habits, and patterns that helped you make it through the rough stuff. The tools you used to protect and soothe yourself during those times are no longer helpful as you transition from surviving to thriving. Now is the time to question your reactions and patterns. Understand where they came from and ask yourself if they are helping or hindering the you that you are becoming. The sun is shining on you 💙

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