A Message from the Universe ~ Hope and Healing

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Today’s Message from the Universe reminds you that mindset is everything.

Feeling defeated? Like you’ll never get out of this mess or get ahead? It’s kind of a snowball effect because feeling that way keeps you from the very things you need to feel better. This is not to say that good things can’t happen when you’re feeling low but you can guarantee they will be much more difficult to see or even believe.

Your state of mind is reflected in your body language and colors your words. Opportunities come from other people, and how you carry yourself makes a big impact. Now, everybody has bad days but if you feel like your life has been one long bad day then you’ve got some work to do. Of course, this doesn’t negate the reasons you feel that way but it does require you to learn to hope and strive for a better present and future.

If you’ve been wondering why you are having a hard time manifesting, check-in with how you’re feeling and the words you use. When you worry, wish, or pray for what you don’t want, you are calling in that unwanted energy. Instead, use language that focuses on what you actually want, and try to really feel what you will feel when that wish comes through.

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Witches’ Tarot

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