A Message from the Universe ~ Spirituality and Femininity

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A Message from the Universe ~ Spirituality and Femininity, Oracle of the Mermaids Card

Today’s Message from the Universe invites you to examine your relationship with spirituality and the divine feminine.

We have long been attached to the idea that the creator must be an all-powerful man who lives in the sky or even that there is nothing beyond what we can see with our own eyes and detect with our instruments. Today’s message is about understanding that there are things we just don’t understand about our earthly and spiritual realms, and that’s ok!

If you’ve been feeling like you need to define or categorize your personal belief system, then you need not look further than your own heart. If you have been searching for answers to life’s biggest mysteries then you might again look into your heart. Everyone who’s ever had anything to say on this subject has experienced spirit through their own perspective and understanding.

Much of what we think we know is derived from religions that were created to control populations.

They preach peace while, even now, causing the most violent and bloody campaigns. They tell us that some invisible man loves us while telling us that even a newborn baby is a sinner who will be punished if not baptized. Even a truly good and generous person will bathe in eternal fire if they don’t believe in a particular brand of sky daddy.

These old religions are the biggest contributors to removing the worth and power of women, relegating us to nothing but another being to serve man’s interests. Even the miracle of creating and birthing a baby has been reduced to being seen as nothing but duty and our only relevant contribution to the planet. Of course, I’m not telling you to toss out your religion or beliefs but I am encouraging you to understand that these texts carry the values and beliefs of that particular time and are written by men who make mistakes like the rest of us and, again, write from their own perspective.

I, like many of us, spent many years trying to prove that I wasn’t weak…because women were weak.

I tried to show that I could do anything a man could do without realizing just how powerful the feminine truly is. It’s no coincidence that goddesses were turned into saints and records of powerful women are mostly nonexistent, it is by design. I don’t know about you, but I’m done with taking a back seat in society. These boys need a time-out!

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