A Message from the Universe ~ Stop Trying to Fit the Norm

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Today’s Message from the Universe urges you to reexamine your beliefs surrounding home, family, and legacy.

Many of your beliefs were formed when you were too young to think reasonably about them. You have these expectations of what a relationship should be, what a family is supposed to look like, and what success entails. It’s easy to look around and see how good you think other’s have it while you consistently ignore the the beauty and good present in your own life.

It’s never enough because you don’t feel like you are enough. All you see is what you think are flaws when you turn that critical eye inward. Trying to live in a way that you think pleases “normal” people or take what is supposed to be the most popular path to success can be soul-crushing. No more trying to make yourself fit into any of those tiny little boxes. You may find that doing things a little differently is your path to fulfillment.

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