A Message from the Universe ~ Talk to the Hand πŸ˜†

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A Message from the Universe ~ Talk to the Hand πŸ˜†, The Black Tarot
A Message from the Universe ~ Talk to the Hand πŸ˜†, The Black Tarot

Today’s Message from the Universe indicates that there is a need to release whatever it is that has you feeling like you’re not your best self.

It could be a person, a job, a habit, or anything else that makes you feel this way. Obviously, there are some things that are beyond your control but you have a little more control than you think in this situation. You can control the amount and kind of energy you spend on this thing that feeds on your energy. I’m getting a very distinct picture of someone saying and making the gesture for “talk to the hand” lol. Every time you feel like you’re starting to be pulled into this energy, pull your focus back to the “you” that you want to be.

Walk away, say “ok” or “you’re right”, and/or focus on that thing you’re working on; don’t let them/it feast on your energy.

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