A Message from the Universe ~ The Greatest Love

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A Message from the Universe ~ The Greatest Love , Multiple Queen of the Moon Oracle Cards

Today’s Message from the Universe reminds you that you call in the best of people and things when you learn how to love yourself.

Let me be clear on this. Loving yourself is one of the biggest things we all struggle with, but I think that our expectations of how we should feel about ourselves are often skewed. It doesn’t mean that you all of a sudden think your belly is beautiful, or your doubt and inner critic will disappear. It’s about choosing to take care of yourself. Loving yourself comes in the form of boundaries and good choices.

Choosing to do for yourself the same thing you would do for others that you hold in your heart. It’s about realizing that you are a whole person with both positive and negative aspects just like everyone else. All the awful things your inner critic says…could you even imagine saying those things to someone you love? That inner critic is one of the biggest obstacles in our path toward self-love. And it will always be there because your brain thinks that’s how it keeps you safe. You have to look at that voice for what it is. A cruel liar. Just because your brain thinks it doesn’t mean it’s true.

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