A Message from the Universe ~ Why Do You Give?

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Today’s Message from the Universe suggests you take a look at your reasons for giving.

Abundance isn’t just money, it’s a currency of the heart. Giving money or material items to a person or cause is a wonderful thing to do but how wonderful is it really if you look down on the person you’re giving to? Are you giving to someone in the hopes of sweetening their opinion of you? Do you give material items because you don’t know how to apologize or possibly even connect to others? Maybe you do it because you feel like that’s all you have to offer someone you care about.

There is no judgment here, but you might find an opportunity to heal something big in your heart if you explore this aspect. There are so many reasons why the material world could have taken this shape for you, so it’s something that you will have to determine for yourself. Identifying and accepting this wound will naturally put you on the path to healing, therefore inviting true abundance to fill that space.

There are more than a few of you that need to have a conversation with a loved one so you can mend the bond that connects you. I know it might seem scary to approach the subject but the result is a stronger bond or a catalyst for necessary change that leads one or both of you to heal some pretty deep wounds.

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Celtic Wisdom Oracle

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