A Message From the Universe ~ YOU Did It!

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A Message From the Universe ~ YOU Did It!, Multiple Cat Tarot Cards
A Message From the Universe ~ YOU Did It!, Multiple Cat Tarot Cards

Today’s Message from the Universe confirms the beginning of a big, beautiful, new chapter complete with karmic returns.

Karma can be pleasant or difficult, often at least a little of both, but I’ve got a feeling that you have been planting seeds of kindness, patience, and generosity your entire life. Most of the difficult aspects of this mountainous change will simply be learning to adjust to this new life and dropping the old habits and patterns you used to cope with the old life.

This is not just a new job or meeting part of your soul tribe, though these things may be the catalyst that allows you to pass through the doorway to this new life. The cosmos may have some effect on this process but this is happening because YOU chose to make it happen. YOU believed more than you doubted, YOU created space and boundaries in your life that allowed you to open that door. YOU did this and will continue to build your new life on the strongest foundation. Congratulations and many blessings on you!





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