A New Journey is on the Horizon, How Will You Proceed?

Published by Trish Nonya on

The World signifies the end of a long journey or cycle in your life. There’s a period of rest that is necessary at the end of any journey, not just to recover and refresh but also to reflect on the journey ahead.

You might not know where to go from here, maybe you know where you’re going but there are many different paths you could take to get there. Any path you choose will lead you through both light and shadow so there is rarely a choice that is actually wrong.

Of course some paths will be more difficult than others but we know that often the most challenging experiences hold the greatest rewards. So how do you choose? Listen to your gut and your heart. Our past can teach us many things but if you use your past experience to determine what moves you should make towards the future, then chances are you will be limiting yourself and treading roads that are all too similar.

Think now about your own rhythms and desires. In some instances you can try out many different things to feel what fits you now and what no longer works for you. Be patient and try not to let any desperation or pressure from your current circumstances force you to make another temporary move that you know will have you flailing again in the near future.

Build strong, not quick. Leap into this new life with excitement and hope. Do not allow others, even your past self, to choose your journey. Don’t let life happen to you, create the experience you crave!


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