Allow Yourself to be Vulnerable

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Your willingness to allow yourself to be vulnerable is directly related to your ability to manifest what you want in this life. We build walls to avoid pain, we avoid doing that new thing because we somehow think we should have mastered it before we even try, and we stuff our “bad” feelings down even though we know we need to feel them to heal them.

There’s no way around being vulnerable. If you want heal from the past, find peace with the present, or create a fulfilling future, you must do it with fear and vulnerability in your pocket. They only go away once you have done the thing but you can be sure they’ll be back for more because life is change and change makes us feel vulnerable.

If you have built walls around your heart to avoid being hurt by others then you avoid being loved by others as well, both are available to you. If you don’t make that career move because you’re afraid it won’t work out then you have assured that outcome. If you want to make art but don’t bother because you suck then you are robbing yourself of the opportunity to learn and enjoy creating something just for you.

That voice will always be there with us when something new is on the horizon and that’s not a bad thing. It reminds us to consider consequences so we don’t do stupid shit, we just have to remember not to let it run the show because it’s super overprotective.

I think I’d like to imagine that voice as a little mouse in my pocket. He’s afraid of everything and is sure I’m not capable of anything, even though I’ve shown him otherwise. He is my self-doubt and faithless view of the world I live in, he doesn’t believe anything good can happen. Thank God he’s not the only voice in my head.

Just now I’ve decided his counterpart is a tiny dragon perched on my shoulder. She sits close to my ear and reminds me that I’ve made it through 100% of the difficult situations I’ve experienced. She is my true logic that understands that hope and determination increase the probability of a favorable outcome. She laughs and tells me that of course I will feel stupid and new but only in the beginning. I will learn and before long it will become routine.

You might think the mouse would be afraid of the dragon but she reassures him so he doesn’t squeak as much. I highly recommend feeding your dragon as much as you can, the mouse will be fine with crumbs.


Misty · August 22, 2020 at 1:40 pm

Love this! Thank you.

    Trish Nonya · August 22, 2020 at 1:41 pm

    Always my pleasure, thank you!

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