Baba Yaga – Daily Card for 7/3/20

Published by Trish Nonya on

I don’t think there’s really many people out there who aren’t feeling more than a little stifled right now. The appearance of Baba Yaga drives home the need for real fun, raw and wild, to reignite that spark that inspires and motivates us. Finding and making friends with that spark was difficult before the pandemic, now we’re forced to find more creative ways to seek it out.

Everybody has to figure out their own wild side but I think that it really all begins with laughter. Sure we might laugh at funny memes or tv shows but what or who makes you laugh so hard that your face hurts? When’s the last time you howled at the moon, sang from your heart, danced without caring what you looked like?

Not only is this desperately needed right now, it’s the perfect time for it. There’s a full moon on Sunday and full moons are about release so write down what you’re trying to let go of and burn it, then do the stuff I mentioned above.

However you decide to bring out that wild side, please be safe. Take care of yourself and each other.


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