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Quick Draw Daily Oracle Card ~ You’re Not Regressing, Druid Animal Oracle

Quick Draw Daily Oracle Card ~ Blackbird, Druid Animal Oracle Card

Hare ~ Quick Draw Daily Oracle Card, Druid Animal Oracle

Ram and Bull - A Message for the Collective, Druid Animal Oracle

It’s easy to feel weighed down or frightened by all that is happening in our world right now. Things are changing at a very fundamental level and we are experiencing the destruction of what no longer serves us as a… Continue Reading →

When someone compliments you or your work, do you feel like you are unworthy of their praise? Maybe you are so proud that you refuse to allow that there might be room for improvement or a need for help. Today… Continue Reading →

Nobody wants to be told to have patience, especially when circumstances are difficult, but that is what’s needed none the less. Whatever it is that you’re working on and waiting for cannot be rushed and this is a good thing!… Continue Reading →

Now normally I’m proponent of going with the flow as much as possible but there are some situations that require us to swim against the current. It is the mature salmon which participate in the run, not only because they… Continue Reading →

Blackbird – Daily Card for 7/8/20

The blackbird reminds us that we are not just physical beings. We spend so much time trying to keep up with our physical responsibilities that we can easily neglect the inner work that needs doing. However, doing that inner work… Continue Reading →

Have you been dealing with past memories and emotions you thought long behind you? There’s nothing wrong with you and all the work you’ve put in to healing from this has not been for nothing. It is retrograde season and… Continue Reading →

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