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Quick Draw Daily Oracle Card ~ Out with the Old, In with the New, Goddess Oracle Cards

Quick Draw Daily Oracle Card ~ Expansion and Fear, Goddess Oracle Cards

Artemis ~ Quick Draw Daily Oracle Card, Goddess Oracle

Why So Serious A Message for the Collective, The Goddess Oracle

Bast ~ A Message for the Collective, The Goddess Oracle

Sheila Na Gig – A Message for the Collective, The Goddess Oracle Card

Fear and love are the two most powerful forces on this planet. It seems like fear is top dog around these parts but truly, it is love that conquers all. Today’s message asks you to acknowledge your fear. Bring it… Continue Reading →

Most of us are taught from a very young age that anger is inappropriate. We learn to stuff it down, breathe it out, or turn it to tears. Many of us have seen awful things that come from uncontrolled anger,… Continue Reading →

Fear is our friend but it doesn’t usually feel that way. It informs us of the undesirable and painful possibilities our choices might bring so we can make a safe decision. It is one of the many voices within us… Continue Reading →

We have such a strange relationship with ourselves. We give and give to everybody else but somehow deem ourselves unworthy of the same. We feel selfish when we consider drawing boundaries and we hinge our identity on the people we… Continue Reading →

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