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We have been in the midst of an enormous global shift for some time now. While our institutions have fought tooth and nail to maintain their ever increasing bottom line, we have also fought relentlessly. First to attempt to prosper… Continue Reading →

I’ve been wondering when my cards would give us a message of this sort. It is time to hunker down and sharpen your survival skills. Discussion around this global pandemic centers around avoiding getting sick and spreading the virus. I’m… Continue Reading →

Daily Card for 2/19/20 – Nu Kua

Nu Kua comes to tell us that our relationship with order is out of whack. Either you’re a disorganized mess or you’re so rigid with yourself and your environment that it’s just not helpful beyond the aesthetic. I’m oddly guilty… Continue Reading →

One Room

For the better part of the past four years my living spaces have been a series of recreational vehicles, couches, and rented rooms.

Living the Dream – My first attempt at vandwelling, my failure, and a new hope

Almost 4 years ago I got rid of just about everything I owned, bought a 1983 Chevy van, made it livable, and headed to Florida to create a new life. I was struggling anyway so I figured it was better… Continue Reading →

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