Come and Be One of Us – Daily Card for 7/7/20

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Keep your head up and walk your path wherever it may take you. You will sometimes have to leave others behind throughout your journey, and they are often people you care for.

As you learn more about yourself and your journey you will see that there are some people in your life, well meaning as they may be, who are just not good for you. Unhappy in life and not doing their own work, it’s common for others to attempt to keep you where they are so they can partake in your light or dim it to match their own. Most of the time their intentions are good but this doesn’t change the fact that it drains you and hinders your progress. I know you want to help but you cannot fix them, they have to walk their own path. In fact, it’s very likely that the more you try to help, the more you hinder them from their own healing.

The brighter you shine, the more you will attract those who need light. Yes, please do share your light but establish and maintain your boundaries. The light is limitless but we humans are not.

When you’re with someone, pay attention to how they make you feel, especially when you leave. Are you tired? Drained? Irritated? Sad? Insecure? Anxious? Obviously some situations with anybody might elicit these feelings but if you feel this way often in their presence then it’s time to consider the role they play in your life. You may distance yourself and check up on them from time to time or you may remove them from your life altogether. Either way, your highest good relies on surrounding yourself with those who support you and removing those who do not.


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