Count Your Blessings and Be a Blessing to Others – The Faery Godmother

Published by Trish Nonya on

Have you ever been in a state of desperation or hopelessness and at the last moment something beautiful comes through? This is the Faery Godmother at her finest, these are blessings you might not think you deserve or might not even thought to ask for. They are kind strangers and unexpected phone calls, you have undoubtedly been someone’s blessing many times over.

Do not lose hope! Do not allow yourself to only see the pain in your heart and all the chaos in the world. Those are such heavy things that they can obscure all the beauty and kindness that exists in the very same space. We need to make it a point to look for the good and more importantly we need to do what we can to show it to others.

You might not be able change the world but even the smallest gesture can make someone’s day and even change the trajectory of their life. They may then light up someone else’s day creating a ripple effect that reaches through time.

Today I want you to think of all the people who have lifted your spirit or changed your trajectory by simply crossing your path. Understand that you have been a fairy godmother to me with your heartfelt words and donations always hitting me when I need them the most. Now go and put a smile in someone’s heart!


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