Crane – Daily Card for 8/13/20

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Nobody wants to be told to have patience, especially when circumstances are difficult, but that is what’s needed none the less. Whatever it is that you’re working on and waiting for cannot be rushed and this is a good thing!

We make mistakes when we rush things and we miss important details. The results you’re waiting for require time to build a solid foundation. You don’t want to finally receive it only to have it crumble beneath you because you’re still dealing with the same things that caused the crumble last time. This time is for you to address your habits and seemingly unrelated circumstances so you might find some longevity with what you are building.

There’s also a message of balance here regarding alone time and time with others. If you’re surrounding yourself with people all the time, you’re avoiding important inner work that needs to be done and will be no closer to feeling good when you’re alone. If you’re spending all your time alone and avoiding people (? guilty!) you’re missing important opportunities to connect with others. As humans, we require both to be fulfilled. Even when you aren’t really connected with the people you’re around, it still breaks up the monotany and refreshes you.

This may also be applied to time spent jorneying and working with the spirit world. You still live in the 3D so you don’t want to neglect it, there is a need to work in both worlds in a balanced way.


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