Daily Card for 1/1/2020 – 10 of Wands

Published by Trish Nonya on

Happy New Year! If you were going to pick one thing to focus on this year, I think it should be striking a healthy balance between responsibility and self care.

We have this strange need to fill every waking moment with something. Our jobs and the schedules we create for ourselves tend to leave us drained with no desire or even ability to heal, create and play.

As a whole, we humans are miserable for a reason. We want to do, be, and get more, it’s not sustainable and has pulled us away from the very things that give us real quality in our lives.

Take a moment to consider where you can simplify and delegate your responsibilities. Focus your efforts on creating a healthy work/life balance because in the end you know you won’t be looking back at your life with pride in your numbers. You will want to know that you have lived a life of connection, the real goldmine.


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