Daily Card for 1/10/20 – Experiments

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We are alive in an incredible time! Our scientific and technological advancements in this past century are stunning, but they come with a pricetag that we pay for with our health as well as the blood of our earth and cruelty to those people and animals who have no way to protect themselves.

Now I’m not suggesting you give up that life-saving medication or give up your gadgets that have become the backbone of our communication. I am asking that we strive to find better, more sustainable ways of living that do not exploit the vulnerable and ravage our home.

The economy is our god and oil is the drug of nations. Our food has a long shelf life but wreaks havoc in our bodies. Pharmaceuticals are approved with negotiations regarding what may be left off the label in order to sell better. We determine our worth and the worth of others by the clothes they wear and if they have the latest iPhone.

Individually we have the ability to place more weight on that which nurtures us over novelty and convenience.

I’m not sure I’ll ever be a zero waste person but I’m always trying to lessen my footprint. I may have a penchant for junk food but every day I try to make decisions with nourishment in mind over the temptation of momentary satisfaction. I love my gadgets but I use and modify them until they can be used no more. I need medication but I do my homework (and help others to do theirs) before I use it. I always seek the simplest form of treatment first and have learned to advocate for myself with physicians.

Every day we are faced with endless decisions regarding health and sustainability and every time you make a good choice, you increase the chances of making more good choices.

All the damage we’ve done and continue to do is ridiculously overwhelming, making us throw up are hands in defeat, feeling as if our little bit doesn’t matter anyway. It does though, so just pick one thing and find others who also picked that thing and you can “be the change you want to see” together.

*This card is from the “Oracle of the Mermaids” and the words are from my heart. You can find the decks and a growing list of other tools on Homehalfcrackedguru.WordPress.com/resources

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