Daily Card for 1/2/20 – Oshun

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We usually think of sensuality as synonymous with sexuality because we often experience them together, but sensuality encompasses the entire spectrum of physical pleasure.

When we are ill or upset, when we take certain medications or exhaust ourselves with the day to day, we can feel like we’ve lost that part of ourselves. We often see our physical pleasure as more of an indulgence rather than a force that is necessary to our well-being. It is, however, the very foundation of connection with ourselves and the world around us.

If you have been feeling that you can’t experience pleasure for whatever reason, start with the basics. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and really feel it. Pull and stretch then release the muscles in your neck, working your way down to your toes. Now go see if you can feel the sun on your face or maybe give yourself a pedicure complete with massage. Do it for the feeling, not the outcome. Take a walk by yourself, without headphones, so you can actually experience it. Snuggle a fur baby, put on a crazy comfy pair of pjs, close your eyes and really feel that sip of hot coffee move from your lips to your tummy.

Make it a point today to really pay attention to and nurture your physical pleasure.


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