Daily Card for 1/29/20 – Swan

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Today’s card was reversed which means that you may be somewhat stuck in the grief you feel for someone you love who is lost to you. This could be a death or a breakup, even a loss of the general connection between the two of you.

They say time heals all wounds but this is not necessarily true. Time, by itself, can be helpful but not as much as the work we do within ourselves. Now I’m not saying to pull yourself up by your bootstraps, grief is just a part of life where everyone has their own timeline and processes.

What I am saying is that you can either lose yourself or find yourself within that loss. Don’t give up on you! The idea is to work towards changing your thought patterns from focusing on what is no longer in your grasp to practicing gratitude for what remains and hope for what may be. It’s the difference between merely existing and living.

Dance with your grief but don’t make it your only partner. Seek the help of good friends, family, and professionals, as well as strangers with similar stories. Use your pain to create art and destroy old patterns. Allow it to expose the strength and determination you don’t feel is there but exists anyway. Make the consious choice to just want to be better and you will have a great start to a difficult path that leads to healing and actually living. That path becomes easier to traverse the more you observe what is in front of you rather than behind you.

I know this because grief and I are old friends. Awful shit happens throughout our lives, don’t let it cast a shadow on the beautiful things in life.

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