Daily Card for 1/8/20 – Telepathy

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Yesterday we talked about intuition, so it only makes sense that telepathy would follow. Telepathy is more than what we see in cinema and government experiments.

We are always communicating on a physical and energetic level but between our internal and external noise we tend to drown out the things we should be paying attention to. How can you tell what another is thinking if you’re doing nothing but talking? How do you connect with someone when your energy is focused on yourself or the words you will say?

Our spoken word is only a small but often highly inhibitive part of a multidimensional process. The kind of energy we put out shows in our body language and our tone. Paying attention to how someone else’s energy feels allows us to hear what they cannot say or are trying to hide. This silent communication isn’t silent at all. It conveys our love, concern, and gratitude far better than anything you can say or write.

Whether someone is in their darkest or most joyous moment, your silent presence is a priceless gift. When you are unsure of someone else’s intensions it’s not analytics that will tell you what you need to know because there are always important details you will not be able to access.

Shut down all that noise and feel what that other person is emitting.

*This card is from the “Oracle of the Mermaids”. This deck as well as my others can be found on homehalfcrackedguru.wordpress.com/resources


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