Daily Card for 12/15/19 – The Soul Shrinker

Published by Trish Nonya on

Be careful with your thoughts and words! They shape your reality and they have more power than anything to create and destroy.

It’s time to check ourselves.

We may have all sorts of legitimate or irrational reasons for our animosity towards another or even ourselves but the more we feed it the bigger it gets and the more we harm ourselves.

The goal is to catch yourself in these thoughts and replace them with something better. There are just as many ways to do this as there are reasons for feeling that way in the first place, it’s all very relative to the individualand the circumstances. As with anything, it takes practice, not only to achieve, but to maintain.

Remember, you have no control over others so do everything you can to not let them control such a vital part of you. Stay in your own lane and just scatter gratitude and blessings everywhere.


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