Daily Card for 12/30/19 – The Poet

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“I refresh the closed heart with sources of inspiration.”

We are at our best when we create, but knowing how you’d like to create and how to find inspiration can be incredibly difficult, especially when you are in the midst of a big life change or a bout of depression.

Inspiration rarely comes from a place of comfort. It comes from our pain and our elation, but it also can be found by walking in another’s shoes.

Now the actual creating is a different story. There’s so many things that can put your creative energy to use that it’s like overload plus insecurity makes us not even try.

First though…It DOES NOT matter in the slightest how good you are at it. It’s cool if you get incredible results but it’s the process that helps you purge and the repetition that shows you progress to feel good about.

I’ve recently found that doing something I enjoy that helps others has been inspiration overload for me. I didn’t think my cards were even much of a hobby, just a tool I used to help me and my loved ones make decisions and whatnot. Now I’ve made it so I have to pull a card once a day and talk about it so I’ve ritualized and habituatualized an outlet.

I kill plants, but sometimes they like me and it feels great. I can’t draw for a damn but I can doodle and color like a pro. I enjoy experimenting with cooking, sometimes it’s great, other times it lets me know what not to do next time. I love to write but definitely needed something to structure it a bit.

Using your creativity exercises a part of your brain that helps you better utilize other parts of your brain.

What did you dream of being when you were a kid or a teenager? What were the activities you enjoyed then? Can you take pieces of those things and integrate them into your life now? What makes you upset when you walk in another’s shoes? Are you able to help them in what you think is a small thing?

Go create, I garauntee it will bring some light into many of your dark corners!


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