Daily Card for 2/10/20 – Dreams

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Dreams are our brain’s way of processing everything we think, feel, and experience throughout the day. This is why they are a key symptom of PTSD.

You may over think and over analyze to your heart’s (dis)content but you will only be doing a tiny fraction of the work your brain does without your meddling.

Now myself? I’ve always had vivid and periodically clairvoyant dreams. If I’m having trouble finding a solution I find that “sleeping on it” is sure to be more helpful than ruminating. But you don’t have to have “gifts” to wake up with a decision made or a new idea, that’s just a part of what our brains do.

Before you go to sleep, acknowledge all those chaotic thoughts and hand them over to your subconscious brain. Visualize it because you get the best out of everything you visualize 🙂

When you wake up in the morning, make it a point to just breathe, stretch, and move for a few minutes before you give your attention to your electronics. Let your first conscious thoughts be of feeling your body wake up and trying to recall your dreams.

If you’re having problems sleeping, most of us know why. Maybe it’s our habits, living situation, health, stress, or a combination, but we generally understand why we’re sleep deprived and chalk it up to “it is what it is”.

Fuck that. We’re not here to just let ourselves and our lives crumble around us with neglect. Aren’t we trying to better ourselves and our lives? We NEED sleep for both our mental and physical health, it must be made a priority. There will always be sleepless nights but, of course, less is better.

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