Daily Card for 2/23/20 – The Singer of Transfiguration

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Jackpot! You’ve been working hard on yourself and it’s paying off.

Sometimes these daily messages resonate with some more than others, it’s pretty unavoidable when reading for the collective. Today’s card is a little different though.

No, we’re not all hitting the lottery today but if you’re reading this, chances are you’ve been working hard at connecting with and bettering yourself. The only outcome to this kind of work is improvement. Today’s message indicates that if you are not feeling the difference in yourself, you will be seeing results soon.

Do not give up, stay consistent! Working on yourself is an endless process and working through the big stuff takes a lot of time to produce measurable results. Just because you can’t see or feel a difference at this time does not mean things haven’t changed. Adjust your perspective. Instead of thinking how far you have to go, think of how far you have come. Compare yourself in the now to yourself a year ago, even a month ago. Now acknowledge and celebrate the growth that has occurred!

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