Daily Card for 2/7/20 – Ffaff the Ffooter (reversed)

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I take one day off to hang out with my stomach bug and y’all descend into chaos! Just kidding, I don’t know what you’ve been doing because I’ve been going through it.

What I do know is that when I asked my faeries what they wanted you tell you, this guy popped out. I apologized and said he had to go back because we just wrote about him a little over a week ago. He wasn’t having it. I shuffled and he jumped out again.

He tells us that it’s time to come back down to earth and doing that now is of some importance. He tried to tell us in an upright position the last time I wrote about him, then Tara came to tell us the same thing a few days ago, now Ffaff is back and standing on his head.

You are entirely too scattered right now, your mind is off doing all this currently irrelevant shit that is obscuring what currently needs your attention.

Don’t just read my stuff and go about your day, vaguely thinking you’ll have to give that a try sometime. The longer you put off taking a few minutes to ground and center, the more likely you are to hurt yourself because you weren’t paying attention.

You got this…if you want it 🙂

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