Daily Card for 3/16/20 – Guide

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Today’s card indicates that you are in need of a guide or you may be called to guide others.

A person can only do and learn so much on their own. We need others to exchange knowledge and enhance our perspective, to bolster us when we are feeling lost and hopeless.

It is possible that the social distancing we are, or should be, practicing at this time may give us the perfect opportunity to seek out people from beyond our normal social circles. We have the world at our fingertips and rarely take full advantage of the diversity and community available to us in the online world.

If you are trying to learn something or if you have knowledge that might help others, it’s time to find your global tribe. I highly recommend joining Facebook groups that discuss whatever it is you’re learning or teaching. Join a bunch of them to start with so you can find whichever groups resonate with you the most then leave the rest.

When seeking out groups for things like depression and trauma, train your focus on finding groups that work more with self help and positivity. 300 posts per day where people are only sharing their pain and not their healing is harmful and keeps us in our pain.

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