Daily Card for 3/19/20 – Blodeuwedd

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Do you feel as if you are a magnet for those who would betray you? Maybe you feel as if you cannot place your trust in anybody because you’re certain they will hurt you with it. You might be obsessing over what a partner may be doing behind your back but have no proof to give you certainty.

This really all stems from a form of self-betrayal. You may be lacking boundaries or making judgements based on surface appearances and words. You are most likely downplaying what your intuition tells you because it doesn’t reflect what you think you know.

If this is you then you might want to work on trusting yourself. You’ve made mistakes and you will continue to make mistakes because you are human, but you know what your intentions are towards yourself, both good and bad.

You feel when you’re uncomfortable, you feel when that thing you want is a bad idea, you feel when something is right even when your brain doubts. You try to reason these feelings away by overanalyzing the situation. Your actions relfect what you think is appropriate rather than what is necessary.

Listen to your gut and give yourself permission to make decisions without hard evidence. You don’t need to see someone’s wrongdoing to know how they’re affecting your life and well-being.

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