Daily Card for 3/25/20 – The Oak Men

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We tend to paint people and circumstances with the strokes of our own hope, fear, and expectations. This can actually be helpful when faced with having to make a quick decision but haste does not serve you now.

When this card pops up it suggests we be still and observe what is rather than allowing the surface chatter to obscure and confuse the truth of it. This is a great time to consult our elders, real or fictional, to help us be still and recognize the patterns in our current circumstances that have been repeated throughout generations and beyond.

There will always be that which is unknown to us which leaves a pretty big space for fear to work it’s way in, often creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. Be still, gather whatever real information is available to you and let the unknown be what it is without painting it with speculation.

This contemplation will help you to create the best pathway towards making moves when the time finally comes for action.

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