Daily Card for 3/4/20 – Time Out (reversed)

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Loneliness is epidemic. We spend all our free time out with others and stay with shitty partners because we don’t want to go home to ourselves. We distract ourselves endlessly to avoid dealing with our demons while letting them run the show as we pretend they don’t exist.

Yes, we need our tribe but those others weave in and out of our lives while our “self” is the only constant from our first to last breath.

You cannot escape yourself, hard as you may try, and your distractions only put off the inevitable while it intensifies under your neglect.

You know you need to learn to be ok on your own. Maybe you don’t know it’s possible, maybe you’re avoiding that awful feeling you know must be faced in order to improve, maybe you just don’t know how.

Give yourself a month. One month where your focus is on your alone time. No going out, no calling friends to come over to fill that space, no seeking that elusive soul mate. Come home to yourself. I garauntee by the end of that month you will feel remarkably different towards being alone.

Think about how desperation has chosen less than ideal situations for you. Think about how unfair it is for you to expect those you love to give you something you can only give yourself. Imagine feeling so comfortable with yourself that you share that comfort with those around you rather than trying to pull that comfort from them.

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