Daily Card for 3/9/20 – Cultivating Prosperity

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Are you cultivating prosperity in your life or are you just wishing for it? It’s available to you now but it requires more than wishes.

Now of course we all know if we want to bring prosperity into our lives we need to take action but our actions mean little if we don’t believe we are capable or deserving.

The “deserving” part is easy, there’s a lot of rich people who don’t deserve to be rich, but they are anyway. The “capable” part is a little more difficult because it requires us to challenge our beliefs about ourselves and the world around us.

We also need to consider that this prosperity might come from a sort of deviation from the path we’ve traipsed in our minds. If you stick too tightly to the plan, you might miss some pretty good opportunities.

Gratitude is another big one. If you aren’t grateful for what you have and what might be available to you, you’re not giving yourself a chance.

Belief, flexibility, and gratitude are required here. Check out yesterday’s card, “Maeve” for a little more insight into overcoming the control you’ve given over to your circumstances.

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