Daily Card for 4/1/20 – Indi (reversed)

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You do not have enough information to make a decision at this time.

I know you’re trying to take this time to address issues you didn’t feel you had enough time to deal with before the world stopped, but there are some things you should not try to force.

You do not have the ability to make an informed and realistic decision or move at this time. Whatever it is you’re struggling with in that overactive brain of yours should be placed on the back burner until more information becomes available, possibly removed from your plate completely.

My advice? Write it down. Put it on paper and write down what needs to happen in order to work with this particular dilemma. Writing out our thoughts and problems helps to recategorize them in your brain so they don’t pester you as much. You might also want to take a look at yesterday’s card, Sacrifice (reversed) to give you a little perspective on prioritizing your areas of focus.

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