Daily Card for 4/16/20 – Energy Field Adjustment

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You don’t have to be an empath to be disturbed by the energies of those around you. Most of us have known or met people who suck the happy right out of us with their constant negativity or silence us with their anger. We’re also bombarded with media that thrives on fear and anger, filling us with that energy every time we look at our phones or turn on the TV.

Now the book that accompanies this deck suggests that you work with an energy healer but I understand that not everybody has that option. Even if it is an option for you, you should still learn to protect yourself from all the bad juju, as preventative measures are always helpful. Now everybody’s different so take what works for you and maybe what doesn’t work for you might lead you to something that does.

1. Block or limit your exposure to people and media that harsh your mellow.

We should stay informed but choose news outlets that are almost boring because they don’t fear-monger. I happen to like Newsy and Cheddar with a dash of my local news station. Get your news for the day and then get on with better things.

Block or unfollow those facebook friends who’s misinformation, fear, or anger dominates your timeline and limit your time in real life with similar people. You have to have boundaries.

2. When faced to face with someone else’s anger and fear, do NOT match their energy.

Put your headphones in or take a walk if you can. If you must engage, call on your inner diplomat and nurturing self to help you. Understand how little their behavior has to do with you and how much control you have over your own reaction.

One of my housemates has anger issues but it’s just cursing and sputtering, no danger to me. If I can’t do headphones (sometimes even if if I do), I visualize myself blasting sunshine his way like a care bear instead of shrinking myself like a lifetime of trauma has taught me to do.

3. Cleansing and adjustment should be done regularly.

Again, not everyone has the ability to see an energy healer so experiment a little to find what works for you.

Nature has always been my go-to and should, in one way or another, help to ground and center most of you. Burn sage, light candles, take baths or showers with the intention and visualization of sloughing off the negative and watching it go down the drain.

YouTube has endless amounts of guided and non guided meditations in this area and I highly suggest looking into binaural beats or other types of sound healing. Here’s a 10 minute meditation I found and use frequently: https://youtu.be/jeGT1VXwfx4

Overall, I want to remind you that you have more control over your peace than you think you do, you just have to make it a priority and work at it.


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