Daily Card for 4/19/20 – Adder

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What feeling do snakes inspire in you? Do you equate them with evil, deceit, and danger? Are you afraid of the tiny little garden snake that crosses your path? Maybe you might even keep one as a pet because, on some level, you like that they inspire fear in others.

I am drawn today to ask you to remember and really think about the symbolism of the snake outside of the fear. Those of you facing fundamental changes in your life and within yourself may benefit greatly from the medicine our slithery friends have to offer.

Representing healing, transformation, fertility, death, and rebirth, a snake sheds its skin without resistance. Imagine if they feared and fought that change the way we do? It seems to me they might be very uncomfortable trying to keep the dead cells from coming off.

Of course once the skin is shed, the snake becomes far more sensitive for a bit and it requires a little downtime while its energy is used to strengthen the new skin and complete the tiny details of the transformation.

We too must remember and constantly remind ourselves to allow proper recovery time when the big changes hit. Though you should always be growing and learning, the big changes need you to be still while you mend and observe the emerging details of the path ahead.

Now may be a time where you feel super sensitive to everything painful but this means you are also super sensitive to everything else. Swallow whole all the tiny details available to you at this time. You may not think you can remember it all but you will remember what you need to when you need it.

You are experiencing the death of what you know but you are also experiencing your rebirth. Do not cling to that which is already gone, focus your heart and mind on the miracle of new life that is within you and all around you.


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