Daily Card for 4/22/20 – The Seer (reversed)

Published by Trish Nonya on

What you believe to be the truth is in need of question. This is less about being lied to than it is about misleading yourself. There is no one truth. Believing that there is one truth shuts out important information and forms the unknown into fiction.

Oddly enough, the more a person uses the word “truth”, the less they are to be trusted. Be skeptical of those who throw that word around as if they are privy to the unknown aspects of the situation.

Do not stand so firm in your own truth that you are unable to consider new information as it is presented and create a narrative to explain the things that are not known to you.

This could be regarding the world and people around you or it could pertain to your beliefs about yourself and where you think you fit or belong. Do not be so certain of anything so you may be open to everything.


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