Daily Card for 4/27/20 – Double Draw! Beauty & The Mirror

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The last time I pulled “The Mirror”, I wrote about accepting and making peace with the darker parts of yourself. Today I felt the need to draw another card and isn’t it just the perfect combo?!Today’s draw is about finding the beauty in ourselves when we feel our least beautiful.

We are bombarded with impossible and unhealthy standards of beauty from the day we enter this world. Television and magazines make their best money by making us feel ugly, fat, and old. It’s so bad that parents and peers often add to the problem by trying to “help” us be something we are not. It may be well intentioned but it only creates more issues with self esteem and causes unhealthy behaviors to blossom in secret.

Your beauty does not lie in the size of your clothes or a flawless face. It is not hidden by your flaws but enhanced by them. Don’t believe me? Find someone who is not beautiful by conventional standards and see them smile, laugh, sing, and dance then try to tell me you don’t find them absolutely radiant. Our real beauty lies in the windows that are our eyes and the love and happiness that animates our features. If we are uncomfortable in our own skin that detracts from our beauty as well.

Today I challenge you, as well as myself, to “pretend” you are beautiful. Tell yourself that you’re beautiful at least once today and bonus points if you can point out features or qualities that you already know are beautiful. It’s a very awkward thing to do but if you do this on a daily basis it not only becomes less awkward, but you will begin to believe it.

You are not your “flaws”. You are a sum of all the things both light and dark that exist both inside and out, just like everyone else.


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