Daily Card for 4/28/20 – The Soul Walks Upon All Paths

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Everybody’s journey to self knowledge and/or spirit is unique so don’t cling too tightly to the experiences and paths that others have tread. As with just about anything, what works for one may not work for another. There are so many facets to who we are and what we’re learning that the possibilities really are endless.

The above quote really says it all so maybe I’ll just share a little of my own experience with his matter.

I have a gift for sensing and manipulating energies. Looking back, I can see that I superficially made use of this talent without even thinking about it, though I am just now really “discovering” this part of myself.

As I started studying Reiki it really hit home and I felt my truth, but further into it didn’t feel quite right to me so I kept what resonated and am now looking into what other modalities have to teach me. At the same time I am just “playing” with it to see what I can feel beyond what I’m learning.

I’ve been doing tarot and other forms of divination for decades and learned that no matter the symbolism or what the card is supposed to mean, sometimes something entirely different pops into my head and that’s what I have to go with.

Feel your truth and don’t allow someone else to map out your journey.


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