Daily Card for 4/29/20 – Bee

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Bee reminds us of the importance of celebration and community. While these things may seem to contradict the whole social distancing thing, all you have to do is look around to see how much the people in our communities really support each other and how much fun it is to be silly and celebrate together online.

Community is more important in times like these because it is our concern for and support of our fellow humans that really bring out the best in us. It is also the best time to really appreciate and celebrate our life and everything that touches us.

I know many of you are missing being able to be out and about amongst others and you’re anxiously waiting for everything to open back up, but you should be careful of diving right back in when it does. It’s really only just begun here in the States and when it does calm down it is likely that a second wave will hit.

My own feeling about this is that we should be in the clear around early to mid December if we behave ourselves so you should prepare yourself to hunker down a little longer than the people more concerned with the economy tell you to.

Be mindful of all the medical personnel out there that have to deal with the real consequences of people’s selfishness. Be mindful of the people behind the counter in the convenience and grocery stores who barely make enough to live on but have to put up with other people’s nastiness all day. Now they get double the nasty and have the added bonus of possibly bringing this sickness home to vulnerable family members. All these people out there who have no choice but to expose themselves and their loved ones need you to be kind to them, stick up for them, and keep your germs to yourself as much as humanly possible.

Be safe my friends and keep your neighbors safe ?


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